About Minerva

Minerva Coalition is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping escapees of religious abuse and providing resources for healing. We are an inclusive community representing a wide variety of political and religious backgrounds. Our goal is to bring awareness to religious oppression and to provide a strong, unified voice against any and every manifestation of that oppression. To this end we are working on multiple, targeted projects for specific religious communities and are developing ways to expand our focus and impact to all communities.


1. To provide a safe place for escapees of religious abuse.

2. To bring awareness to the realities of cult mentalities within certain religious subcultures.

3. To provide a voice for those afraid to speak out.

4. To be public advocates for freedom of thoughts and freedom from ideological domination.

5. To accomplish all this while respecting the diversity of religious and political beliefs.

Statement of Vision

To provide a voice for victims of religious abuse through public advocacy and a safe place for healing.

Coalition Members



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